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Going Green In Style: Envirosax

May 30, 2008

Envirosax logo

There’s no reason going green can’t be fashionable. For the last few years, I had been lugging around my grocery store’s logo-imprinted canvas bags. They’re functional but definitely not something I would have ever taken everywhere…from Target to the local Farmers’ Market. Then a friend of mine turned me on to Envirosax.

Envirosax is an Australian based company and makes going green the newest accessory. Green is the new black.

I bought this set of 5 (including handy carrying case) at Silver in the City in downtown Indianapolis:

Retro Graphic Set

I find myself carrying these everywhere and getting many compliments. And, it feels good to do my part for mother earth. Plus, a lot of stores (including Silver in the City) give you a discount for shopping with your reusable bag.

And, on another green note, check out this article about your recyclables. I found it very informative!


Strip mall fashion.

May 30, 2008

turquoise heels

Nestled in between DejaVu Nails and Joann Fabrics (in one of the many 86th and Ditch strip malls), Designer Outlet is a true hidden consignment treasure. At first glance, it seems no different than any other mature ladies resale boutique…complete with matchy-matchy “going on a Carnival cruise” ensembles and hideously printed polyester tops. But, if you look deeper, you’ll find something different. The ladies there seem to have a decent eye for what’s in style for all ages…and they’re nice. The lady who rung me up was very fun and chatty…in a good way.

I found these great, vintage-ish turquoise pumps and a really cute set of white plastic earrings, very similar to a pair I saw at Turandot a few years back. Total bill: $18.25. Not bad.

Other finds that were disappointingly ill fitted: A pair of Joe’s jeans for $30.00 (in “like new” condition!), a pair of Levi’s vintage cut skinny jeans, a cute scoop tie-neck 3/4-sleeve sweater and a pair of 1950s mauve & pink pumps (on the wall and not for sale).

Overall, it was a nice break from my typical consignment shop disappointments of late (I’m looking at you, Toggery).

Hello lover.

May 30, 2008

Cynthia 2008

Yes. Today is the day. I’ve thought about it for months and had my ticket for almost a week. I’m ridiculously excited and, quite honestly, can’t seem to think about anything else today. So, in celebration of the Sex and the City movie, I’d like to give a shout out to my lady Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda Hobbes).

If you’re a female fan of the show, at one point or another you’ve either thought or discussed which SATC girl you’re most like. Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit, but I think we’re all guilty. For me, it’s Miranda. Always has been. She’s a little more real than the other three and, dammit, she’s had to suffer through some fugly times like the rest of us. Who could forget the orange eyebrow season? Or, the hideous pant suits and overalls? Ick. Poor girl. I’m not sure what Patricia Fields was thinking during the first few seasons when dressing her character.

But, in the end, Miranda Hobbes has made it through and is as stunning as ever. She looks fantastic.

Now…on to picking out my outfit for tonight.

This is Croc country.

May 29, 2008

Until recently, I’ve refrained from buying a single pair of Crocs. It wasn’t hard. One look at a foot clad in a fuchsia, be-charmed, closed-cell resin gardening clog and I would nearly lose my lunch.

Here’s the thing…I have friends who own and wear Crocs. Their kids wear Crocs, too. And we’re talking pretty fashionable people. So, when I was faced with needing a pair of semi-cute shoes that would be functional enough for dog walks, dog parks, walking and other summer adventures, I couldn’t pass up the Prima by Crocs:

Croc Prima

I think they’re cute. And, from far away, you can hardly tell they’re Crocs. Unlike the other pair I bought (which, btw, are much more comfortable but much more embarrassing when I forget to change my shoes before leaving the house and accidentally wear them in public). But, the downside is they make your feet sweat which results in a very loud, very realistic farting sound. Which, if you’re like me, makes your feet sweat more, resulting in louder farting sounds and blisters.

Regardless of me owning two pairs of Crocs now and contributing to the problem, I’m still amazed at how many I see on a daily basis. I mean, it’s going global:

Singtao Croc Lover

The Making It Lovely girl summed it up here best. She’s an extremely cool chic and she’s a closeted Croc girl now, too, it seems. We need our own club.

Bike Chic

May 29, 2008

week 1

With gas prices and temperatures on the rise, I’ve decided to take it to the streets. On two wheels, of course.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to do my part to be more green. I started to recycle. I put my reservation in for a Smart Car. And now I’ve decided to bike to my destination at least two times per week.

As a lady who loves my straight leg jeans paired with a medium-to-large sized heel, most of my two-wheeled fear came when I realized both aren’t appropriate when braving the streets of Indianapolis by bike. So, I started to look through my closet and rethink my summer wardrobe.

The first rule: No open toed shoes while biking (my boyfriend’s stepfather lost two toes while biking with flip flops). With that in mind, I took inventory of all the cute flats in my closet. Check.

The second: Layers. Layers. Layers.

The third: Helmet (there’s just no fashionable way to get around this. sigh.)

From week to week, I’ll track my miles in style. For my maiden voyage, I chose the above (clockwise from left): American Eagle Trouser Pedal Pusher, Old Navy Long Layering Tank, Short Sleeve V-Neck from Target, Nike Athlete Loose-Fit Women’s Yoga Jacket, and Palladium Palau Flats. Miles ridden today: 18

My perfect summer dress

May 28, 2008

As most of my friends know, I’ve been searching for that perfect summer dress. In my dreams, this dress would be a 50s style cut (perfect for a girl with curves), flattering print in either black, brown or red and incorporate some sort of pocket. Nothing too bulky of course but lack of pockets would be a deal breaker.

Enter Macy’s.

Oh Macy’s. Look at you with your big red star. You finally delivered! It’s about time. The dress is perfect paired with a pair of flats or dressed up with a red or turquoise heel for a night out.

The dress (shown above) is by INC and sells for $109. It comes in both this pattern and a black and white pattern that I felt might be a little too overwhelming for my almost 5’5″ frame. Who knows…now that I’m seeing it again, I want it too.

Quality, Taste and Style

May 28, 2008

The phrase “Make It Work!” has become such a prominent fixture in our vocabulary, pop culture maven or not. As most know, in 2007, Tim Gunn penned his first book with Kate Moloney called Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style. I had avoided buying the perfectly pink bound style bible until I made a Memorial Day trip to Half Price Books. There it was. In all of it’s glory (and 30% off the already half price). It was mine.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But, although only halfway through, my love and admiration for Mr. Gunn has been rekindled. The guy knows his stuff and, I mean, he’s kind of like a father figure. A stylish one, at that. And I love the way it’s as if he’s reading it to me…his voice comes through page after page.

By far, my favorite excerpt from the book thus far has to be this paragraph about “Make It Work!”:

“Make it work!” is an enormously useful expression. I remember the first time I used it. It was roughly six years ago in one of my classes at Parsons. I find that often students who struggle with an assignment are inclined to abandon the struggle and begin again. This practice unnerves me, because it’s like playing roulette with one’s work. What assurance does one have that the next spin of the wheel will be successful? Important learning occurs when a struggle is examined and analyzed, diagnosed, and a prescription offered. Ergo, make it work. I believe that we all benefit from the make-it-work practice.

Words to live by.