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Wrap Up: Project Runway. Season 5. Episode 3.

July 31, 2008

I have to admit…I was ready to throw my hands up in fed-upishness at the end of this episode if I didn’t see something. Something good. Something that stayed with me. And, I’ll also admit that I thought there was no way in hell that I would see this “something good.” But, then there were the final three garments:

You see that there? No, to the left. No, now back to the right. The one in the middle. Yes! That’s the one. Leanne’s skirt was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! (it IS hard to see here so you’d have to watch the episode to do it justice.) Like, my mind started working a mile a minute to figure out how I could make something like this and it not look like a hot mess. I thought her creation, while simple, was the most beautiful thing I’d seen walk down that runway all season. I’ll give Kenley (that’s the design to the left) that she worked the mixing patterns thing, but I really thought Leanne should have gotten the top prize. If for nothing else than for her quick lesson in editing and her application to this episode’s challenge.

Anyway…maybe there’s hope after all. As soon as they kick off Blayne, bandana boy and Suede, that is.


What’s good enough for Steven Heller is good enough for me.

July 30, 2008

I subscribe to PRINT magazine’s Daily Heller. It’s a blog + daily email thought from designer Steven Heller. I was very happy to see that his little thought of the day was about Anthropologie and how, if he were a female, he’d be right there next to me, spending his hard-earned money:

If I wore women’s clothes, which I don’t, but if I did, what women’s clothes would I wear? (Sounds like a poem, no?)

I’d shop at Anthropologie. The reason? Well, I walk by the store everyday on the way to my office and always admire the handsome window displays full of very “graphic” dresses, skirts, and tops, and the sales staff who model them. So, I was thinking, this summer has been great for women’s clothes, and the folks at Anthropologie have contributed their fair share to the overall pleasant “look” of the season (and the skirts, shown here, work great as lampshades too). So consider this a summertime shout-out to their designers, buyers, marketers, and window dressers.

It’s funny what one thinks about on a pleasant summer’s morning walking to work, isn’t it?

His entry included a photo of this skirt, which I want. Like, real bad:

Craftuesday. Week 5.

July 30, 2008

After a long day of back-to-back meetings, I found myself thinking, “how can I get out of this Craftuesday thing this particular Tuesday?” But guilt overtook me and I decided to at least do something…no matter how small.

So, I decided to take another stab at the ol’ headband idea. With the new mullet, I’ve been trying to think of ideas for hair accessories. It occurred to me that the little felt roses attached to one of my super cheap cloth-covered flexi-headbands may be just the thing (instead of having an actual band going around my entire large noggin…which ALWAYS gives me a headache. No matter how hard I try.). So, 10 minutes with a strand of embroidery floss and a needle birthed this little number:

I don’t look happy but I am…trust me. I kind of love it. I wore it around the house all last night thinking I was some kind of felted version of Niecy Nash.

My next big sewing project, though, may look a bit familiar to String readers:

A trip to Hancock Fabrics over the weekend introduced me to Butterick‘s Retro pattern collection. I was super excited to see the actual vintage pattern I had selected as my header graphic available in a re-released pattern. (And, it’s supposedly Sew Easy!) I’ll be making the far right dress over the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to getting started.

Indieana Handicraft Exchange 2008: Call for Vendors

July 29, 2008

I received a vendor application for Indieana Handicraft Exchange 2008 yesterday. Although I haven’t been very prolific when it comes to craft lately, maybe some of you have. Here are the details from the email:

This year, the fair will be held on both Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4 at the Harrison Center for the Arts, located at 1505 North Delaware Street, just north of downtown Indianapolis. Our fair will be held in conjunction with IDADA’s wildly popular First Friday event, guaranteeing quite a hearty crowd. Friday, 6-9pm, Saturday, 10-6pm.

Last year, for our inaugural event, we had double the vendor interest to spaces available, and we are anticipating the same, or better, this year. Because of space limitations, this will be a juried event. As much as we hate to do it, some applicants will unfortunately be turned away.

To increase your potential for being selected, please consider the following: We are looking specifically for craft items. This is not a standard art fair. We are specializing in functional modern crafts. Examples include, but are not limited to: clothing, undergarments, homewares, body products (soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.), journals, jewelry, purses, wallets, bags, accessories, baby clothing and toys, stuffed animals, etc. We will be looking for high-quality, creative, contemporary, handcrafted items. No manufactured, mass-produced, or flea market merchandise. We will be looking for great care in craftsmanship, presentation and packaging. Also, we will favor vendors who can absolutely commit to being in attendance for both Friday evening and Saturday for the event.

If you are interested in being a vendor at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange this October 3-4, 2008, please email the following information to:

01. your full name
02. your company name
03. your email address (other than your myspace account)
04. your website, flickr, photobucket, etsy site, or myspace site
05. your telephone number (preferably a cell, if you have one)
06. your mailing address
07. a short bio of yourself (2-5 sentences, to be used for promo materials)
08. a short description of your products (2-3 sentences, to be used for promo materials)
09. 3-5 jpeg images of your wares (possibly to be used for promo materials, to be posted on our myspace page to show potential attendees our vendor products)
10. requests to share a table, and split booth fee, with another specific vendor (optional)
11. requests to have a table located next to another specific vendor (optional)
12. will you need the 8′ x 3′ table and two chairs, or will you bring your own set up?

Booth space will be rented for $50 a spot, and that will get you an approximate 9′ x 6′ space, an 8′ x 3′ table (standard brown banquet table) if you need it, two chairs and lunch on Saturday, as well as your website linked and promoted on the craft fair website and your company name in any promo materials we produce. Any display racks, alternative tables, table coverings, signage or additional seating you will need to provide, and it all must fit within your designated space. (The fair will be held indoors, so canopies will not be needed.) The cost will be reduced to $40 if you donate a small item of your own crafting, or a gift certificate to your business, for a customer raffle (item must be $10+ value).

Deadline for application is Saturday, August 16. We will notify all applicants of their acceptance (or not) into the fair by Sunday, August 24. Payment to reserve booth space for those accepted into the fair must be received no more than two weeks later, by Monday, September 8. If payment has not been received on time, the next vendor on the waiting list will be notified of a space coming available, and the previously accepted vendor will be bumped back to the bottom of the waiting list.

We have a limited number of spaces this year, so please apply early, and make sure your application contains everything required as listed above. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

I has a mullet…

July 28, 2008

…albeit a slightly modern-ized version of it. But, it’s a mullet. And, well, I love it.

Now, I must go buy new product.

Last week’s disappointing Project Runway episode and why I haven’t written about it yet.

July 28, 2008


I really thought something was wrong with me that I strongly disliked Suede’s wrappy-strappy-rootin’-tutu-in’ dress. But, there is a little angel who consoled me and made me feel that all was right (or, at least, kind of right) with my fashion perspective. His name is Christian Siriano and this season’s bunch of seemingly lukewarm designers make me miss him so:–christian-siriano-disses-girlicious

Note: Seriously, I’m new to this blogging thing and can’t quite figure out how to actually imbed this stinkin’ video into my post. So, apologies for the janky link. I’ll learn before my next video post, I promise.

The Toggery. Movin’ on up.

July 28, 2008

I had breakfast this morning with two of my lovely lady friends. I still reek of bacon.

One of our many topics of discussion was how The Toggery, a local Broad Ripple consignment boutique, was moving to a new location. I came home to find more info about the move but, sadly, couldn’t find any information at all that was readibly available to the public.

So, after a phone call to the shop, I found out the address of their new location – 1810 E. 62nd Street (just west of Khoury’s restaurant) – and that there will be ample parking as well as public restrooms (amen! hey…you never know when nature’s going to call). They will also be carrying more small-to-medium sized home goods.

The new location will open on Tuesday, August 19th.