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Bearded lady.

November 20, 2008


This makes me so happy I can hardly stand it.


How now brown cowl.

November 20, 2008

I’m really getting into this knitting thing. I’m a bit frustrated lately, after thinking I could tackle intarsia after only knitting 3.5 scarves, but I’m sure that frustration is normal. After my attempts at adding a square of color in the midst of a giant see of a different color failed, I moved on to knitting in the round.


I had been wanting to knit a cowl to wear during the upcoming cold winter months and I thought this would be a good project to start with. Since the knitting class fiasco, I had a ton of brown yarn to work with. So, here I am, on the second version of the brown cowl (the first had a twist that I didn’t notice until about, oh, 30 rows in). So far, it’s going smoothly, but I’m not sure how to cast off.

So, for all of you knitters out there, do you have any good tips for the following:

  • How to not get your yarn twisted when your casting on and knitting your first row?
  • How to cast off and at what point?

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter Soup Recipe. A Big Fat No-No.

November 19, 2008

I love Pumpkin Butter. Yes, it’s true. I’ve never met a pumpkin-flavored treat that I didn’t like. So, when I saw that Trader Joe’s made a pumpkin butter of their very own, I was anxious to try it.

On bread or on crackers, it is delicious. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but I’m okay with that. And, if you flip the cute little jar around, you’ll see they have an easy recipe for pumpkin soup. Yummy! (or so I thought).

The recipe calls for one jar of the pumpkin butter mixed with 3 tablespoons of sour cream and then a bit of milk mixed in to thin. That’s it! Easy peas-y and totally my kind of cookin’. What the recipe doesn’t tell you is that it tastes like ass. Very sweet ass, but still…ass.

In other words, if there was a picture that best represented how this soup tasted, it would look something like this:


American Girl Dolls Scare Me.

November 17, 2008

I had a client meeting the other day. This particular client was an old friend from way back and, while catching up on what we’d been up to in our lives, she informed me that she was planning a trip to Chicago to see her sister and niece. I thought, “how wonderful! Chicago during the holiday season should be quite enjoyable.” That thought came to a screeching hault when she started telling me about her previous year’s Chicago holiday shopping experience: The American Girl Store.


I was familiar with these dolls from a few years back when, for no rhyme or reason, an American Girl catalog was shipped to an agency I was working for at the time. A fellow designer and I flipped through the pages in horror…page after page of look-a-like dolls with their girl “owners,” prancing through fields and playing on swing sets. It was a train wreck and I was in awe.

So, when this client of mine was telling me how her niece (who, I might mention, is 30 YEARS OLD), was taking her American Girl Doll to the store to have it’s hair did, my jaw almost hit the floor. And, when she described how chaotic the store was, I further couldn’t believe how popular these things have become. I mean, I’m familiar with the Cabbage Patch Kid phenomenon, but this makes that craziness seem sane (well, except the part where moms were beating each other up to get one for their bratty kids during the Christmas season (I know because I was one of those bratty kids, but I didn’t get mine until it was on clearance)).

After further inspection, I found out there’s not only a Doll Salon, but a Cafe, Doll Hospital and Photo Studio. A Doll Hospital! Seriously?!

Now I fear, if I ever choose to have a child, that it will be a girl and she will want and American Girl doll. Even worse, she will want an American Girl doll that looks just like her. What am I going to do? Tell her “no?” Tell her that mommy can’t tolerate her liking something so stupid? My hope is that the American Girl Doll will go the way of the Cabbage Patch before I have to make those decisions.

Easy way to buy green.

November 14, 2008

A few months ago, my girl Amber sent me a link to’s Green & Natural Store. Being someone who really likes to buy products that are earth and animal friendly, this site seems like an easy way to browse consciously and purchase wisely. I know I’ve had the experience of running from one store to the next to pick up all of my products, so it’s nice to know that some are available under one roof!

Bad, bad girls.

November 14, 2008

Yes. I’ve been pretty lazy with the blog entries lately. Life has been busy and full of non-stop things to do and accomplish. At the end of the day, I find myself couching in front of Tivo’d reality shows, letting my mind relax and my IQ drop ever so slightly.

Right now, I have a few select choices in my rotation: The Biggest Loser, Rock of Love Charm School and America’s Next Top Model. And, within each of these three reality worlds exists a, how do you say….megabitch? Or, quite frankly, women I love to hate.

So, without further ado, my current TOP 3 TV BITCHES I LOVE TO HATE:

#1: Tyra Banks


I know. This one is almost too easy. She is both egotistical and crazy. Smart, yet ignorant. After taking a few season’s off from the ANTM, I was sucked back in this season by a certain contestant…Marjorie. (I loved her awkwardness in person, juxtaposed with her confidence in photo shoots.) And, although I think this season’s group of girls is much better than some of the past seasons, I still can hardly stand to watch Tyra do her crazy talkin’. She might be the reason why Tivo was invented…to fast forward through every scene she’s a part of.

#2: Megan from Rock of Love Charm School (and, don’t forget, Beauty and the Geek):


Oh, Megan. You with your hot body and back-stabbing bitchiness. You’re almost so evil that I can’t help but love you. Now, I’m not sure what percentage of her body is “god-given” or doctor enhanced, but there’s no mistaking that, yes, if I had her body I would wear a bikini all of the time, too (even to the grocery, or the movie or maybe out to the dog park?). Sadly, she was booted out of Charm School a week ago, but not before Sharon Osbourne had a chance to call her out. It was marvelous and gratifying to hear Sharon put her in her place. Alas, there’s a little empty hole in my heart that misses Megan. Even though she was super conniving (but not evil like that pink-haired chic with the lip ring), there was never a dull moment (or a flaccid penis) when she was in the room.

#3: Vicky from The Biggest Loser (aka the craziest bitch of all):


Sure, she looks all nice and sweet and school teach-ery in this photo but don’t let her fool you. She is, quite frankly, pure evil. Crazy eyes. Check. Manipulative. Check. Would cut you when you weren’t looking. Check.

I mean, I’m speechless. While watching this week’s episode, my blood pressure went through the roof…her behavior caused me physical discomfort. I had this overwhelming urge to get on The Biggest Loser website and start name-calling. Completely juvenile, I know.

She, as trainer Bob admitted, is probably the biggest game player to date. Her husband was kicked off in a big twist this week (I love ya, Amy), and I’m sure the crazy bitch is going to be scrathing somebody’s eyes out before this thing’s over.

I hate to say this, but she’s the first person I’ve ever wished weight gain upon. In my dreams, she’d be at a weigh in, and the camera would keep showing her with her arrogant little smirk, occasionally throwing her head back, belting out her cackly witch laugh. Then that girl from Days of Our Lives would call her up to the scale where she’d shed her BL tshirt and jump on the scale. (Start dramatic music.) She stands there all confident, flipping off all of the other contestants until she realizes that the dramatic music has stopped and, to her surprise she’s gained, like, 30lbs in one week. Then everyone starts laughing and pointing at her (maybe there’s throwing of rotten food involved?) and she runs out of the BL gym crying.

Whew. That felt good.

Tonic Gallery Preview Party. YOU should come!

November 7, 2008


The Tonic Gallery Preview Party tonight at Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square. It’s a good time and you can see lots of great work by local artists. And, if you can’t make it tonight, you can always come to the Tonic Gallery/Tonic Ball night on Friday, November 21st. Feel free to check out the Tonic Gallery website for more info (same goes for Tonic Ball). Hope to see you all there!