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Cushion for the Pushin’

May 21, 2009

That’s what I wanted to call my now defunct pincushion Etsy shop. But, I haven’t given up the dream. Here’s what I’ve been working on for the upcoming Mafia-themed show: jewel/ring-inspired finger pincushions:



mafia show headbands.

April 27, 2009

Well, I’m two pieces down for our upcoming June mafia-themed show with the Indy Craft Mafia. I have a couple of finger pincushions left to design and make, as well as a possible fabric-collage-style wall hanging (which, Miss Elissa, I may use the one I’m starting on for you to use as my non-mafia-themed piece, if that’s cool).

I’m back on the felt horse again and am loving working on smaller scale items. I finish them quicker (sometimes in less than one Biggest Loser episode (side note: C’mon…does it really need to be two hours long?), and I’m finally feeling a sense of accomplishment with my crafting.

Here’s a look-see at my headband creations:

Swim with the Fishes I

Swim with the Fishes I

Swim with the Fishes II

Swim with the Fishes II

Blood Spatter Pattern

Blood Spatter Pattern

Hug me.

April 22, 2009

I’m a big fan of bizarro crafts. Even if it skews a wee bit creepy. But, while I was looking for inspiration for a hug-based logo I’m working on, I came across this:


It might be the creepiest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. And, it kind of makes me feel a little better about the crafty items I’ve created over the past year.

Busy lil’ crafter.

March 30, 2009

This weekend, I spent most of my time finishing up three pieces for this Friday’s gallery opening at the Harrison Center for the Arts. I was approached last week to see if I’d be interested in putting a few pieces in the show and, since I had a few drinks in my system at the time, I said “yes.” I had nothing started and, basically, these came from a long night of playing around with fabric scraps, messing up, getting frustrated, trying again and finally figuring out a direction I wanted to go in. Five days later, I ended up with these little babies:


They’re basically a mixture of fabric, felt, machine sewing, hand stitching and some tranfers here and there. Then I edged each piece with a charcoal-colored quilter’s tape. Here’s a closeup of each:


And, finally, a reference for size:


If you’re around Indy for this First Friday’s festivities, you should stop by the Harrison Center. Susan Hodgin is the featured artist and she is amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

The Craft ‘zine dress.

March 10, 2009


This is the dress (under a cardi for that not-so-springy-quite yet weather we’re having). The fabric has little white horseshoes all over it.

It seriously took me less than an hour and a half to make it, which is perfect for my sewing ADD. I’m kind of dying to make more…some with little straps.

Now, if I can keep up with the 30-Day Shred DVD, I may be able to shed the cardi with minimal self-consciousness.

Craftuesday Wrapup: Don’t have a cowl, man.

February 25, 2009



Oh, I crack me up. Whew!

Well, I finished my Spring Mill/Obama Congress Speech cowl last night. I have a slight addiction to the simplicity and overall zen quality of knitting in the round. And, it seems like making cowls may be my knitted calling. I enjoy it more than any other knitted good…so far. (I’m still jonesin’ to crochet me up some granny squares.) But, I “took it to the next level” last night by adding some stitched lines that were super easy and make a simple piece a bit more special.

And, although it’s not knitting or crocheting, I saw this on today and think it would be a mighty fun thing to make.

Indy Craft Mafia: Our Chair-ity Affair Entry

February 23, 2009

I’m super happy to announce that our Indy Craft Mafia chair was completed for the Care for Kids Foundation’s silent auction last week. Our idea was to convert an old Papasan chair into a bird’s nest theme. I think it turned out quite lovely:


One of the best features of the chair is the removable, over-sized bird. It’s the handy work of Jerry Lee Atwood, an Indianapolis-based clothing designer who makes amazing western wear.

If you’d like to become a member of the Indy Craft Mafia, go here and sign up. We’d love to have you!