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Dark was the night.

March 23, 2009

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff lately. Between training for the upcoming Indianapolis mini, working, cleaning up the back yard and dreaming about renovations (i.e. garden, new stone and plants and outdoor decor. Oh my!), working on pieces for two upcoming shows and having some down time, it’s hard to find time for anything else. The one thing that’s been keeping me sane (other than Matthew, of course), is my music. And, one of the best albums I’ve purchased this year is the Red Hot series’ Dark Was The Night:


I would say 90% of the album is completely solid. There are some weak links, like any compilation, but for a 2-disc set they are surprisingly few. The David Byrne/Dirty Projectors’ opening track sets the pace for the collection, putting a smile on your face.

But, by far, my favorite track is by The National. One night last week, I had just finished up an exhausting, stressful work day and was heading out to meet friends. My mood was low but the weather was beautiful and warm and my windows were down. The National’s song came on and, instantly, I felt okay. I felt happy and stress-free. I love how music can do that. It can be the best pain killer out there. At least for me.


New Music: Pains, Ward & the Koz.

February 24, 2009

I bought three new CDs last week and, after giving each a listen, here’s a bit of feedback for each:


The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Self Titled
Maybe my favorite album I’ve bought this year. It just sounds so good and happy and sad…all at the same time. They’re not breaking any ground here, but it’s good pop music, which I love.


Mark Kozelek – The Finally LP
I love the Koz. He’s one of three people who’s voice, at certain moments, affects me so deeply. I bought this albums solely because he did a cover of Palace Music’s “New Partner.” I don’t particularly love that cover, but I do love his cover of “Bring in the Clowns.”


M. Ward – Hold Time
M. Ward is one of those people whos CDs I buy and listen to a few times and then put it away for good. It’s unfortunate, really, because I love his voice and typically love his music. This album, after a few listens, is no exception. It’s good. I especially love the plastic casing that envelopes the CD case itself. Although it’s hard to remove, it is a very thoughtful piece of packaging.

Another New Years Resolution…belated.

February 11, 2009

So, I’ve been thinking: At the end of every year, I’m always struggling to remember what movies I saw and what CDs I bought. The later for end-of-year mix purposes, which I deem very important and necessary. And, since it’s only mid-February and I can hardly remember what I’ve seen/bought so far this year, I thought it would be smart to post when I see/buy something so that I can go back and reference it come December.

So, in the interest of playing catchup for the past month and a half, here is a list of what I’ve listened to and what I’ve seen…

MUSIC (I’ll preface this list with a.) it’s been a slow year, b.) I realize that some of these came out last year and c.) I’m probably forgetting something already):


The BBC Sessions by Belle & Sebastian : LOVE! Can’t get enough of the last song on the disc…(My Girl’s Got) Miraculous Technique


Get Guilty by AC Newman : He’s my man. What can I say? I love everything he does.


Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes) by Cloud Cult : I feel kind of flat on this one. I love all of the singles I’ve ever heard from this band, but I’m not in love with this album. Plus, the cover is probably the worst I’ve seen in ages.

And, a quick wrapup in MOVIES:


The Wrestler (or, as I like to call it, “The Wrastler”) : I thought it was great. Simple and perfect. Micky Rourke seemed born to play this character (and, if you’ve never seen him back in his hunky glory days, I suggest you Google him). And, the movie poster is really great, in my opinion.

Slumdog Millionaire : I’m pretty sure this was this year. (see, I told you my memory is bad). Regardless, I loved this movie. Three words for you: the poop scene.

Milk : Loved! Cried! Usually am lukewarm on the Sean Penn, but thought he did a pretty brilliant job.